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Hi iam Ahmad and i liked the story because it was fun reading a story like this about prison and innocenes this is the story. Stanley Yelnats is accused of stealing Sweet feet's sneakers. He can go to jail or Camp Green Lake. He goes to Camp Green Lake and every day he has to dig a hole to, supposedly, build character. Turns out that they are digging the holes to find treasure for the warden. Zero smacks Mum (the mentor) with a shovel and pegs it. Stanley steals a truck but crashes it and pegs it into the desert. He meets Zero again and they climb a mountain to get water and onions. Then they go back and find the treasure but they get stuck in a hole because of the poisonous lizards. The lizards don't eat them because they don't like the smell of the onions. Stanley gets the treasure because it has his name on it. Zero goes to live with Stanley at the end and he finally finds his mum. Done.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


D-Day was one of the biggest military operations ever to take place in the history of mankind. It was the day on which the United States would take its first step into Europe, in an attempt to liberate it from Nazi hands. This day, and many after, was no walk in the park, as portrayed by Stephen E. Ambrose's book, D-Day June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II.

From the start of the book, Ambrose does not let down on the excitement, the courage, and the horror that many of the men had to endure during that gruesome day. In the beginning of the book, Ambrose talks about the massive amount of preparation and careful planning that had into this extraordinary day in Normandy.

I recommend this book to those people who like to know about the wars in past specially about the world war 2 which United State took its first step into Europe.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


My favourate book is : Matilda for the authour :Roald Dahl. The story is about a girl her name is Matilda, her parents have called her some terrible things like:cheater,stupid,ignorant and aliar.The truth is she's the genius and they're the stupid ones. Also, At school Miss Trunchbull the school's priciple hates Matilda,and the principle Miss/Trunchbull discoverd that Matilda has a very special and smart power so she can use magic and also has like smartness ,then in the end of the story Miss Trunchbull left the school because she got scared of Matilda's special power.I like this story and it's my favourate book because it's about school and teaching and it's fiction. Actaully I like this kind of stories.

James & The Giant Peach

My favourite book is James & the giant peach, its a book by roal dahl. The book is about a kid called James Henry who lived in a pretty bright house by the sea in the south of england, went on holiday to the capital with his parents, but his mother and father were eaten by a rhino that had escaped from London zoo. After the death of his parents, James was forced to live with his two horrible aunts, Spiker and Sponge, who live on a hill. For years Spiker and Sponge abused James, not allowing him to go beyond the hill or play with other children. Around the house James is treated no better then a slave. But one day something wierd happened, suddenly a mysterious yet friendly wizard showed up in his back-yard, who understood jame's situation and gave him a sack of tiny glowing-green magic crystals that he promised will bring happiness if drank. On the way back to the house, James trips up and spills the sack onto the peach tree outside his home, which had previously never given fruit. The tree becomes enchanted through the crystals, and begins to blossom; indeed a certain peach grows to the size of a large house. then suddenly he got sucked inside the peach and found anthropomorphic insects then he was shocked when he found them talking like humans. Then he became friends with the anthropomorphic insects who become central to the plot and James' companions in his adventure. The Centipede bites through the stem of the peach with his powerful jaws, releasing it from the tree, and it begins to roll down the hill, flattening Spiker and Sponge to death as it goes. The peach rolls through villages and houses before falling off the cliffs and into the sea. The peach floats in the English channel, but quickly drifts away from civilization and into the expanses of the Atlantic Ocean. Hours later, not far from the Azores, the peach is attacked by a swarm of hundreds of sharks. Using the blind Earthworm as bait, the ever resourceful James and the other inhabitants of the peach lure over five hundred seagulls to the peach from the nearby islands. The seagulls are then tied to the broken stem of the fruit using spiderwebs from the Spider and strings of white silk from the Silkworm. The mass of seagulls does indeed lift the giant peach into the air and away from the sharks, although the peach is barely damaged in the incident.As the sun rises, the inhabitants of the giant peach see glimmering skyscrapers peeking above the clouds, and a sprawling urban city far below them. The inhabitants of Manhatten see the giant peach suspended in the air by a swarm of hundreds of seagull, and panic, believing it to be a floating, orange-coloured, spherical nuclear bomb. A huge passenger airplane flies past the giant peach, almost hitting it, and severing the silken strings between the seagulls and the peach. The seagulls free, the peach begins to fall to the ground, but it is saved when it is impaled upon the spike at the top of the Empire State Building. The people on the observation deck at first believe the inhabitants of the giant peach to be monsters or Aliens, but when James appears from within the skewered peach and explains his story, the people hail James and his insect friends as heroes. They are given a welcoming home parade, and James get what he always wanted - playmates in the form of millions of potential new childhood friends. After a while, James Henry & the anthropomorphic insects, all gone to a very interesting futures in the world of humans..


Hatchet is the story of a 14 year old boy named Brian, On an Adventures trip to the Canadian oilfields to spend the summer with his dad, the pilot of the Cessna (one engined plane), suffers a heart attack and dies. Brian is all alone now, no one to control the plane so Brian has to land the plane somewhere to survive. Brian lands on an island all alone on the edge of a lake, he learns to exist in this wilderness. He faces many dangers including hunger, animal attacks, and even a tornado.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott-Hayam Bassam

I have read many books this year, and I can’t decide which one is my favorite, because each book has a world of its own, and each world is unique in its own way, so I am going to talk about the book I recently read and it is called Little Women.
Little Women is world classic novel by Louisa May Alcott. The book attracted me because of the purple color and the picture at the front. My mother also recommended this book to me. This book is about four young women whose father was fighting in the American Civil War. The eldest of the girls was pretty seventeen-year-old Margret, also known as Meg. Next came Josephine, or Jo, who is a sixteen –year-old imaginative and boyish girl. Fourteen- year-old Elizabeth, Beth, was a sweet shy girl who loves everybody more than herself, and last but not least thirteen-year-old selfish Amy. However all of these girls learn how to be true little women.
When Meg and Jo where invited to a New Year’s Eve dance party, Jo meets the March’s neighbor, Theodore Laurence, whom she had never talked to before. She finds him a sweet boy and becomes friends with him the next day. She made him laugh like no other person ever did and she told him stories that amused him greatly. Jo also finds the huge library at the Laurence’s like Heaven for she was a book worm. Laurie, who is Theodore, finds the March’s family the best family on Earth and he likes Mrs. March especially because he finds her like his mother, having lost both his parents when he was young and now living with his grandfather.
After about half a year later, Mrs. March gets a telegram saying that Mr. March was seriously ill and that he is at a hospital in Washington. Mrs. March goes immediately with Laurie’s tutor Mr. John Brooke. While she is away, Beth gets the scarlet fever and is very close to death. Hannah (who helps Mrs. March in the house’s daily chores) sits by Beth day and night. She refuses point blank to send a telegram to Mrs. March saying that Beth is ill. Not since Mr. March was getting better and he didn’t wish his wife to leave him. Laurie however decides to send a telegram when Beth’s gets really sick, for she mixes between people and her rosy cheeks become pale and her tireless hands become feeble.
When Mrs. March arrives Beth was starting to get better and she cares for her while Hannah rested. Jo, now that her mother was here and Beth was better, has other doubts. She suspects that Mr. Brooke fancies Meg and she doesn’t want Meg to leave. She discusses this issue with her mother and tells her that Meg likes brown eyes, which is Mr. Brooke’s eye color, and that Laurie told her that Meg’s other glove that she forgot at the Laurence’s is in Mr. Brooke’s pocket (she was told that when she went onto town to do something exciting that I won’t tell you about). Mrs. March after observing Meg discovers that she doesn’t love him (yet). Laurie however decides to take the matter into his own hands and discover the truth. He sends two letters to Meg in Mr. Brooke’s name and Meg gets offended and shows Mrs. March the letters. Laurie is called and he stays with Mrs. March for a long time talking and arguing. Then Meg is called and Laurie begs her pardon and goes out without saying another word. Jo makes peace with him again after she scowls at him in her house.
Not long after that (on Christmas) Mr. March and Mr. Brooke come home again and a festive Christmas dinner takes place. Then Meg decides that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Mr. Brooke (after a series of events take place) and the parents and the new couple decide that the wedding will take place after three years.
Little Women was published in 1868.
The second part of Little Women, also called Good Wives was published a year after where many events, both happy and sad, take place and of course they are as catchy and imaginative as the events in this book.
Another two sequels, Little Men (1871) and Jo’s Boys (1886), were published. I have not read them yet so I can’t tell you much but I am sure that they will also be two of my favorite books.

Emil and KARL


EMIL & KARL is a heart-wrenching stroy of friendship and survival in a time of hate .
Emil and karl are best friends ,brave and loyal in a world of persecution and cruelty. it will resonate with readers of all ages .

Vienna ,1938 Its about two boys, Emil and Karl one of them is Jewish, one not. After their parents have been taken by the Nazis . they killed Emil’s dad and took both Emil and Karl’s mum’s .Emil & KARL couldn’t handle all that in one day ,and they wondered what will happen for them ,and so the hours passed ,they barley spoke to each other but listened for the faintest noise – foot steps perhaps, or a knock on the door. But there was still no sign . so they decided to run away .
While they were walking for some one who could help them Emil saw two who were dressed just like the ones who took his mother . Emil was too frightened to speak, but when he calmed down he explained to Karl that that’s just how the men who had beaten his father .
So they ran to the nearest building and hid in the cellar ,they had to sleep there for days . There they met the janitor and his wife . who helped them a lot . the next day Karl wanted to go out just to see the sun .Emil didn’t really want to go outside but he followed his friend . they started wondering around . then a man appeared from a side street he was dressed in the same kind of uniform as the man they saw the night before . which had sent them racing into the cellar .
But now it was too late to run away . the man dragged them along roughly to a narrow alley .he tied them and left them for days . then he took them to a place were they had never seen something tlike it in their lives . hundreds of people were there some of them down on the ground . there was a great commotion .with a lot of shouting . karl and emil wondered why they were scrubing the pavement with out brushes or rags ! and then another man with any warning he shouted so loud “don’t just stand there , get down and start washing and do it fast …
IN THE END Karl ,Emil and hundreds of people are forced to move to another country . EMIL & KARL got separated by storm soldiers who kept pushing the children toward an open door .karl still held to emil with a firm grip the storm troopers were letting adults in , then they kicked more people in ,they shove children who fled panic-stricken ,into the train .
Then the soldiers raised their right hands in salute .
“Move on out “
Karl broke away from his place .frightened and impatient. He felt his entire body trembling, he shouted at the top of his lungs ,but no one heared him in the midst of all this commotion .


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The Long Walk (Fatima)

The long Walk at the moment is my favourite book, Feryal told me about it so i decided to read it. The book is about a 12 year old girl which has to take care of her sister and 2 brothers and take them to their dad which was fixing a road and now disappeared while their mum is in hospital. It's a very interesting book of how kids can survive in certain situations. During their walk to their father, the kids meet people on the way. Some of them are very nice to them and help them in any way they can and others try to steal from them. In the end of the story the kids find their dad and their Auntie Katie which was actually made up by the kids and they soon realise that they heard their mother speak of her once. Its just a really good book and teaches you a lot about being grateful and taking care of yourself. if 12 year old can do it, so can you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The NeverEnding Story

The Never Ending story was written by Michael Ende a famous author who wrote other books such as The Empress of The Word and The Angels' Plot.

The story unfolds as Bastian escapes from the clutches of the school bullies. As Bastian runs from them he decides to hide in the library, while there he meets the librarian who asks him what's wrong and what's he doing here, as Bastian tells him the problem the librarian says "you have to be brave and stand up to those bullies." while speaking Bastian sees the book that the librarian had read and looks curious, so he decides to take it, however his attempts to take the book seems futile as the librarian watches him closely. Fate however fortold that Bastian would escape with the book and so he did.

When Bastian reached school he decided not to go to class because it was pointless. Instead he went to the school attic where he read the story. He travels into the book through magic. Soon as he reads on he meets many creatures such as the rock giant, the fast snail and the talking bat. Bastian has descended to Fantasia in order to find the cure for the childlike empress. helping him find the cure is a young indian boy named Atreyu. They both notice that the Nothing has wiped out all the resources in Fantasia. So in order to restore peace to Fantasia they had to find the cure and give it to the childlike empress. When they reach the childlike empress' palace the child like empress tells Bastian that she can be cured if he gives her a new name. Atreyu looked shocked as he told the empress that he was in search of a new name the whole time. Atreyu has lost his only close friend called Atrax his noble horse in the Swamp of Despair. While talking The Nothing approached at quick speed and tried to kill the childlike empress but it failed as Bastian gave the new name.
When Bastian saved Fantasia the childlike empress sent him home. Two days passed when he returned from Fantasia. He went to the library and told the librarian that he stole the book and that it vanished mysteriously. He told Bastian to explain what happened while reading so he did and at the end the librarian knew about the book and told Bastian that the story will go Because its neverending.
I recommend this book to kids who have so many happpy imaginations and who enjoy reading fantasies.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Hobbit

J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit follows the adventure of Bilbo Baggins of Hobbiton, an young and round-bellied hobbit(creatures like us, although are half our size and fashion long hair on their feet), through great kingdoms, elvish towns, dark forests ridden with giant spiders, the goblin infested Mines of Moria, Gollum's lake (where he found a magical ring) into the heart of the Lonely Mountain where a ferocious Dragon made his lair.

Bilbo's adventure began one day as he sat outside after breakfast (a rather large one, as most hobbits would prefer), smoking his pipe peacefully and minding his own business until a wizard named Gandalf visited him unexpectedly, and offered poor old Bilbo(who was extremely surprised at that moment, to say the least) an adventure. Bilbo, being a hobbit, refused instantly, and forced Gandalf to leave, and invited him to tea the next day, just to be polite. The next day had changed Bilbo's life forever. That day, one after another, 13 dwarves arrived to his Hobbit-hole
, and then finally followed by Gandalf himself, and managed to persuade him to take the role of a Burglar to join them on a quest to The Lonely Mountain to slay Smaug the Dragon, who had hoarded Thorin Oakenshield's rightful treasure (Thorin was one of the 13 Dwarves and the ancestor of the King of The Mountain, and therefore inherited all his wealth). At first, Bilbo refused once again. Then, the dwarves sang a song that told the tale of their wealth and how the Dragon had stole it of them, and something woke up in Bilbo's heart- His sense of adventure. This was probably because his mother came from the "Took" family, the only hobbits who loved going out on adventures, so he finally accepted the offer in the end.

Bilbo started his journey as a worry-worn hobbit who was annoyed because he forgot to bring his pocket handkerchief, and together with his company (and Gandalf disappearing and reappearing all along the adventure), he gained respect as a Burglar, and soon the dwarves believed that Bilbo could really help them defeat the Dragon. Bilbo, Gandalf and the 13 dwarves arrived to the Mines of Moria, exhausted from their past events and discouraged by the long and dark journey that lay ahead of them, found themselves moving by Gandalf's guidance but unintentionally ran into some Goblins, and eventually killed the Great Goblin himself, who was the King of Moria. Bilbo was knocked out during the fighting and was not spotted by both the dwarves or the goblins in the dark tunnels. When he regained consciousness, he found himself lost.

As he wondered along the dark corridors of Moria, he found a small, golden ring, and kept it in his pocket. Further on, he came to a dark lake and met Gollum, a strange mutated frog-like creature who is about Bilbo's height (I later found out that he was a Hobbit, although changed by the effects of a magical ring) who had a twisted mind which was consumed by the ring that Bilbo has in his pocket. Gollum found the Hobbit amusing, partly because all he had for company are fish in a dark underground lake and Goblins unfortunate enough to become Gollum's lunch once in a while, when the wretched creature is bored of fish. The book also mentions that Gollum was also interested in Bilbo because he reminded him of his past. I will not give away the rest of the story of Gollum and Bilbo's meeting, as it is another of the many incentives to read to book.

After a series of dramatic events (which I will not mention as it will give away the storyline), Bilbo (with a particularly useful ring he stumbled upon) and his company finally reached their destination, but the quest was far from over.

In the end, Smaug the Dragon is killed by a bowman named Bard of a nearby village, who shot him
(as the Dragon swooped out of his lair furiously to lay his wrath onto a the village after being locked out of it by Bilbo, with the help of a certain ring that can make the wearer invisible) with an arrow that had, thanks to Bard's skill and sheer luck, pierced Smaug's only weak spot; a flaw in the Dragon's jewel-encrusted coat of armour. But the adventure was not over yet. Bard's village demanded some of Thorin's massive amount of treasure to build a better town and as payment for slaying the dragon. But Thorin had become greedy and refused to share any of his wealth. Soon, the Wood Elves arrived (they are mentioned before in the book)to help Bard's people. The Dwarves also arrived from Grey Mountain to rebuild Thorin's city, and live there. Bilbo, wanting Bard's village rebuilt, gave him and the Elves the one thing that Thorin would prize over a river of gold: the Arkenstone (a beautiful gem that the Dwarves highly valued; Bilbo had stolen it before when the dwarves took control hoarded treasure). With the Arkenstone, they bargained with Thorin and came to an agreement. But there was a war to come.

The goblins, who were furious from the death of the Great Goblin, and the Wargs, a ferocious wolf-like race from earlier on in the book (I will avoid giving away too many spoilers, and so far my summary leaves out most of interesting bits), came to attack the Dwarves while they were vulnerable, to get their revenge.

Soon, the three armies (Wood elves, the Men of Lake-town, and the Dwarves from Grey Mountain) battled the Goblins and the Wargs. The war was won because the Eagle of the Misty Mountain and his army and Beorn (both friends that Bilbo and his company had encountered along the journey) came to the rescue, surprising the Goblins and Wargs. As any fantasy book, the "good guys" always win.

During the battle, Bilbo hid himself by using the magic ring but was knocked out again. He woke up after the war is over, and was taken to Thorin, who lay in a tent, badly wounded and at the brink of death. He praised Bilbo and apologised for his greed, before he finally passed away. Dain, Thorin's cousin and also the king of the dwarfs of Grey Mountain was crowned the new king of the Lonely Mountain and they had a grand funeral for Thorin. Dain paid more that enough to Bard for his slaying of Smaug, who sent the treasure to the King of Lake-town to repair all the damage, and gave much to his followers and friends. Dain also offered Bilbo his share of the treasure, which was more than enough for a king, but Bilbo refused, saying that it would be too much to handle. Instead, he just brought home two chests; one of gold and one of silver. Before departure Bilbo gave the Elvenking a necklace of silver and pearls because he had stolen from his kingdom earlier. The Elvenking bade him farewell, and told him that he will always be a friend of the elves.

Now tired of his adventure, Bilbo Baggins returned home to his peaceful hobbit hole, and wrote a book about his adventures. Because of his adventure he had lost all his respect in the Hobbiton (his neighbours thought him queer) except for the younger hobbits who lived over The Hill and across The Water, who were, of course, from the Took family.

I liked this book very much, and am starting to read Tolkien's other works. The Hobbit is filled with adventure, excitement and a bit of humour, all mixed in well with even portions. It left me itching for more, I especially want to find more about Gollum and the Ring, which I am sure will be covered in the Lord of The Rings series. I recommend this book to anyone, but it will especially be appealing to adolescence, or those who love a good read before bed.

By Tuahaa