Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The NeverEnding Story

The Never Ending story was written by Michael Ende a famous author who wrote other books such as The Empress of The Word and The Angels' Plot.

The story unfolds as Bastian escapes from the clutches of the school bullies. As Bastian runs from them he decides to hide in the library, while there he meets the librarian who asks him what's wrong and what's he doing here, as Bastian tells him the problem the librarian says "you have to be brave and stand up to those bullies." while speaking Bastian sees the book that the librarian had read and looks curious, so he decides to take it, however his attempts to take the book seems futile as the librarian watches him closely. Fate however fortold that Bastian would escape with the book and so he did.

When Bastian reached school he decided not to go to class because it was pointless. Instead he went to the school attic where he read the story. He travels into the book through magic. Soon as he reads on he meets many creatures such as the rock giant, the fast snail and the talking bat. Bastian has descended to Fantasia in order to find the cure for the childlike empress. helping him find the cure is a young indian boy named Atreyu. They both notice that the Nothing has wiped out all the resources in Fantasia. So in order to restore peace to Fantasia they had to find the cure and give it to the childlike empress. When they reach the childlike empress' palace the child like empress tells Bastian that she can be cured if he gives her a new name. Atreyu looked shocked as he told the empress that he was in search of a new name the whole time. Atreyu has lost his only close friend called Atrax his noble horse in the Swamp of Despair. While talking The Nothing approached at quick speed and tried to kill the childlike empress but it failed as Bastian gave the new name.
When Bastian saved Fantasia the childlike empress sent him home. Two days passed when he returned from Fantasia. He went to the library and told the librarian that he stole the book and that it vanished mysteriously. He told Bastian to explain what happened while reading so he did and at the end the librarian knew about the book and told Bastian that the story will go Because its neverending.
I recommend this book to kids who have so many happpy imaginations and who enjoy reading fantasies.


  1. I believe I have once watched a movie of this book, and it seems successful. I liked the review and it was very informative. The summary told the whole plot and gives you an idea of what I will read if I pick up this imaginitive book. Keep up the great work!

  2. Good job, Ahmed!!!
    Bu the way, happy has only two ps not three.
    Keep the good work up though!!!

  3. Ahmed i dont like ur story at all it's not nice >>>
    bad job !!

  4. 1=1 u know what i mean by 1=1 right ??

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