Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott-Hayam Bassam

I have read many books this year, and I can’t decide which one is my favorite, because each book has a world of its own, and each world is unique in its own way, so I am going to talk about the book I recently read and it is called Little Women.
Little Women is world classic novel by Louisa May Alcott. The book attracted me because of the purple color and the picture at the front. My mother also recommended this book to me. This book is about four young women whose father was fighting in the American Civil War. The eldest of the girls was pretty seventeen-year-old Margret, also known as Meg. Next came Josephine, or Jo, who is a sixteen –year-old imaginative and boyish girl. Fourteen- year-old Elizabeth, Beth, was a sweet shy girl who loves everybody more than herself, and last but not least thirteen-year-old selfish Amy. However all of these girls learn how to be true little women.
When Meg and Jo where invited to a New Year’s Eve dance party, Jo meets the March’s neighbor, Theodore Laurence, whom she had never talked to before. She finds him a sweet boy and becomes friends with him the next day. She made him laugh like no other person ever did and she told him stories that amused him greatly. Jo also finds the huge library at the Laurence’s like Heaven for she was a book worm. Laurie, who is Theodore, finds the March’s family the best family on Earth and he likes Mrs. March especially because he finds her like his mother, having lost both his parents when he was young and now living with his grandfather.
After about half a year later, Mrs. March gets a telegram saying that Mr. March was seriously ill and that he is at a hospital in Washington. Mrs. March goes immediately with Laurie’s tutor Mr. John Brooke. While she is away, Beth gets the scarlet fever and is very close to death. Hannah (who helps Mrs. March in the house’s daily chores) sits by Beth day and night. She refuses point blank to send a telegram to Mrs. March saying that Beth is ill. Not since Mr. March was getting better and he didn’t wish his wife to leave him. Laurie however decides to send a telegram when Beth’s gets really sick, for she mixes between people and her rosy cheeks become pale and her tireless hands become feeble.
When Mrs. March arrives Beth was starting to get better and she cares for her while Hannah rested. Jo, now that her mother was here and Beth was better, has other doubts. She suspects that Mr. Brooke fancies Meg and she doesn’t want Meg to leave. She discusses this issue with her mother and tells her that Meg likes brown eyes, which is Mr. Brooke’s eye color, and that Laurie told her that Meg’s other glove that she forgot at the Laurence’s is in Mr. Brooke’s pocket (she was told that when she went onto town to do something exciting that I won’t tell you about). Mrs. March after observing Meg discovers that she doesn’t love him (yet). Laurie however decides to take the matter into his own hands and discover the truth. He sends two letters to Meg in Mr. Brooke’s name and Meg gets offended and shows Mrs. March the letters. Laurie is called and he stays with Mrs. March for a long time talking and arguing. Then Meg is called and Laurie begs her pardon and goes out without saying another word. Jo makes peace with him again after she scowls at him in her house.
Not long after that (on Christmas) Mr. March and Mr. Brooke come home again and a festive Christmas dinner takes place. Then Meg decides that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Mr. Brooke (after a series of events take place) and the parents and the new couple decide that the wedding will take place after three years.
Little Women was published in 1868.
The second part of Little Women, also called Good Wives was published a year after where many events, both happy and sad, take place and of course they are as catchy and imaginative as the events in this book.
Another two sequels, Little Men (1871) and Jo’s Boys (1886), were published. I have not read them yet so I can’t tell you much but I am sure that they will also be two of my favorite books.


  1. great hayam... I am very proud of you.....................your mom

  2. Great Review hayam, i personally would not read this book because it seems to be more girlish..
    but that doesnt change your great effort. keep it up