Saturday, April 25, 2009

James & The Giant Peach

My favourite book is James & the giant peach, its a book by roal dahl. The book is about a kid called James Henry who lived in a pretty bright house by the sea in the south of england, went on holiday to the capital with his parents, but his mother and father were eaten by a rhino that had escaped from London zoo. After the death of his parents, James was forced to live with his two horrible aunts, Spiker and Sponge, who live on a hill. For years Spiker and Sponge abused James, not allowing him to go beyond the hill or play with other children. Around the house James is treated no better then a slave. But one day something wierd happened, suddenly a mysterious yet friendly wizard showed up in his back-yard, who understood jame's situation and gave him a sack of tiny glowing-green magic crystals that he promised will bring happiness if drank. On the way back to the house, James trips up and spills the sack onto the peach tree outside his home, which had previously never given fruit. The tree becomes enchanted through the crystals, and begins to blossom; indeed a certain peach grows to the size of a large house. then suddenly he got sucked inside the peach and found anthropomorphic insects then he was shocked when he found them talking like humans. Then he became friends with the anthropomorphic insects who become central to the plot and James' companions in his adventure. The Centipede bites through the stem of the peach with his powerful jaws, releasing it from the tree, and it begins to roll down the hill, flattening Spiker and Sponge to death as it goes. The peach rolls through villages and houses before falling off the cliffs and into the sea. The peach floats in the English channel, but quickly drifts away from civilization and into the expanses of the Atlantic Ocean. Hours later, not far from the Azores, the peach is attacked by a swarm of hundreds of sharks. Using the blind Earthworm as bait, the ever resourceful James and the other inhabitants of the peach lure over five hundred seagulls to the peach from the nearby islands. The seagulls are then tied to the broken stem of the fruit using spiderwebs from the Spider and strings of white silk from the Silkworm. The mass of seagulls does indeed lift the giant peach into the air and away from the sharks, although the peach is barely damaged in the incident.As the sun rises, the inhabitants of the giant peach see glimmering skyscrapers peeking above the clouds, and a sprawling urban city far below them. The inhabitants of Manhatten see the giant peach suspended in the air by a swarm of hundreds of seagull, and panic, believing it to be a floating, orange-coloured, spherical nuclear bomb. A huge passenger airplane flies past the giant peach, almost hitting it, and severing the silken strings between the seagulls and the peach. The seagulls free, the peach begins to fall to the ground, but it is saved when it is impaled upon the spike at the top of the Empire State Building. The people on the observation deck at first believe the inhabitants of the giant peach to be monsters or Aliens, but when James appears from within the skewered peach and explains his story, the people hail James and his insect friends as heroes. They are given a welcoming home parade, and James get what he always wanted - playmates in the form of millions of potential new childhood friends. After a while, James Henry & the anthropomorphic insects, all gone to a very interesting futures in the world of humans..


  1. I like the book Omar and i will read it next time >>>
    thanx alot!!

  2. I like Roald Dahl's books, like I said in my other comment. I started reading this book, but I never got an opportunity to finish it. I got up to the bit where he was treated badly by his aunties in their house (which is actually the very beginning of the book), but I had to stop there. This review wants me to pick it up again. Good work!

  3. nice one omar
    u made me exited to read the book again

  4. Nice job Omar!!!
    It looks like an exciting book and I am going to read it.
    I am sure that you put an effort in your work and it shows.
    Nice job agin!!!

  5. good job maN . i like to read this book as soon as possible ... thnx for the summary