Saturday, June 20, 2009

Children of the Lamp: The Akhenaten adventures

I picked up a random book from the library and I was fortunate enough that it was Children of the Lamp: The Akhenaten Adventures. It is about two very ordinary twins John and Phillipa who find out that they are djinn. They persuade their parents to take them to Uncle Nimrod, who had visited them in their dream. From there, they learn more about djinn and their power. I am in the early part of the book and a good plot is also unfolding. This book also has some familiar factors (such as the evilest of all djinn being a guy called Iblis) I would really recommend this to adolescent readers to old people. I enjoy this book a lot partly because I am a fan of fantasy book, and also because it is different. How many books do you see that involve djinn other than ones that picture them coming out a lamp?

Saturday, June 13, 2009


i think blogger is pretty good because its a great place to write our true opinions and express ourselfs i thnk we should continue doing blogger next year in grade 10 i realy enjoyed doing blogger and im looking forword to doing it all over again...

Fergus Mcphail

This book is about a guy name Fergus which moves to Melbourne and what happens in his life. I like the book because it's funny and full of adventure. Its and interesting book and i liked it alot.


BORING alone
I finally finished reading this stupid book and i think i just wasted my time when i was reading it. I don't like this book at all because i didn't learn anything from it and also because it's so silly and boring. I really felt sleepy when i was reading it, another reason why i don't like it because the ending was so sad.
So i don't recommend this book to anyone.
Sorry for saying that but I'm just saying the truth.

my big birket

I am reading this book now and it' s really funny i like alot the story! BUT NOW I AM WONDERING IF DEBBIE IS GOING TO GET MARRIED OR NOT ! this book is easy to read sooo it' s even better

Deltora Quest

This is the final book of Deltora Quest, and as much as i hate to admit it this book was the worst because the leader of the city was a snake who could only turn anyone into stone. I hate it also because the snake's weakspot was its head where the opal laid. Dont read this book you will fall asleep.


well i will tell you my story with blogger. A first I HATED BLOOGER I WAS SOOO MAD WHEN I WAS DOING IT. But time past and i getted use to it and i saw how does it work and that it s not as difficult i as though it would be. soo now I think it' s a really good thing because you can discuse of your book with your friends and teachers as well. Soo i hope that this will be the same for you