Saturday, May 9, 2009

This is a fantasy stroy about kyp and his family. There are six great clans that meet each other every year at the Kinaar tree. As kyp tells us the story he's trying to save his family.
This spring when the clans meet each other at kinaar the blizzard comes in and wipes the tree out. Kyp tells the clan to live under ground but it's a forbidden law and so they can't leave.
However the clans understand that they are in danger so they decide to follow kyp to safety underground. At the end he is a hero to each of the clan members
This book was written by Clem Martini who wrote so many books on fantasies. This is my second favorite book because of it's thriller, front cover and adventure. I recommend this book to people with scary thoughts. I hope all you readers will read this breathtaking novel known as The Mob.

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