Sunday, May 31, 2009

This book is a about a boy called Jamie Riley who is sent to Port Barren because he was found in a stolen car. However Jamie doesn't think much of Port Barren, he never suspected that he would have the biggest adventure of his life over there. After reading the prologue and the blob at the back of the book, (I won't write the whole thing again because Fatima and Tauhaa have already done it) I wanted to read on very strongly because I thought that somebody would find out about the murder that Elliot committed on that ship. I thought that those pair of eyes would be witnesses to that crime. My predictions proved right because those pair of eyes were the eyes of a foreign girl who made it to the island(I won't say how) and disappeared mysteriously just before the translator came from the city. I really liked this book because it was action packed and full of suspense which excited me a lot while reading it. It also taught me new stuff. I strongly recommend this book for advanced readers and those who are not afraid of guns and murder(since there was a part that included these stuff)

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  1. Well done picking up the clues about the ending Hayam. You were aware of the foreshadowing the author used to draw you into the story and keep you reading to see if you were correct. Good for you.