Saturday, June 6, 2009

A New Kind of Boring

We have recently started reading this book and it starts the story by a group of young sailors finding a pile of dead bodies on a shipwreck. Two of the sailors decide to see what the situation is, curious and afraid at the same time. The older and slightly sinister one of the sailors kills a man on board who is holding a machete (thinking that he would fight back if he knew they were there) and tells his partner to keep it a secret. But they do not realise that there is someone watching them.

After the prologue, it jumps to another scene where two brothers say goodbye after one is sent to prison (for something I do not know yet). They have a short conversation and this is where I close the book, simply because it seems to drag on forever, even though I have only read about a chapter. There is no interesting dialogue that grabs my attention, but I am yet to find out if this book is truly worthy to be read when I go deeper into the seemingly boring storyline. This book does not appeal to me at all, although I think that when the brother that goes to jail is when the interesting bit will start. I want to know how he lives and what the plot of the story is, which I am sure I will find out the next time I open the book, if I ever bother.

By Tuahaa

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