Saturday, June 6, 2009


Brian, a thirteen year old boy, his parents are divorced. Brian was going to his father, who is working in the mines of Canada. Brian started his journey through a bush plane. His mother handed him a Hatchet, before he left to the plane. During his journey, Brian took the co-pilot’s seat. Since it is a cargo plane, there is only a pilot and some goods. When the plane started to cross the wilderness of the Canada, the pilot had a heart attack.  He tried to contact the airport, but it was all in vain, Brian landed the plane near on an island. For a day, he had pain due to his falling. He did not had anything to eat too. he started to search for food. Soon he, with the help of his hatchet, he decided to survive. He made the fire with pebbles, and for many days, he survived without any trouble. Later, he realized that there might be anything in the plane, which was collapsed in the lake, will help him. He found some transmitters and some food. He tried to use the transmitters, but it did not work. Soon he heard the sound of a plane approaching towards him, later he was saved.

i liked the story because it showed discipline and how a Boy can live alone, at the end i thought that he will not be saved but he did. It's a nice story.


  1. I would like to read this book again...and Ali told me about it.
    Because actually i read the first two chapters and i thought it's a bad book but actually it's not, i changed my mind to read it.
    and it's Ali's favourate book so i hope i will like it.

  2. I liked this book too, but I think you should read Lord of the Flies. After I read it, Hatchet seemed much less realistic