Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My book at the moment is My Haunted House written by Arminta Spookie. I chose this book because the front cover of the book gave me an idea to understand the story. Omar told me about it, then i decided to read it.

It's about a girl called Araminta Spookie she lives in a huge and haunted house with her Uncle Drac and Aunt Tabitha, but Aunt Tabitha is determined to sell the house and Araminta must think of a cunning way to stop her, especially if she ever wants her greatest ambition to come TRUE! so she always thinks about many ideas to stop her Aunt to sell the house.
It's a really good book and funny in the same time and it teaches you how to be responsible, and i hope all the students in grade 9 will read it.

I recommend this book to all the students in grade 9.


  1. who are you ??
    are u one of the students in VISS ??