Saturday, June 13, 2009

the Undys

The Undys is a book about Josh Undy and his dad, Phil. The relationship between them is very different from a normal relationship between a kid and his dad. Josh and his dad are always playing silly games, such as 'gut barging' and 'twelve-storey soccer'.

Josh and Phil take Aunty Faber into the city for her birthday. They get involved in a 'rat race' up the stairs of the Ivory Tower.

its a comedy book i I enjoy it because in each chapter josh and phil are playing against each other and also there is game at the end of each chapter.


  1. is he realy his father mr phill?
    because one of other guy tolld me its not his original father!
    i just wana make sure becauce i may read this book!

  2. this book looks really nice. however can you tell me what the problem or conflict is in this book?